May 20

Chronicle – Bill Management

Never pay a late fee again!

The easy way to keep track of your bills.
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MACWORLD gives Chronicle 4.5 out of 5 mice: “Chronicle is one of the slickest finance apps available for the Mac. It’s easy to use and easy on the eyes, and it’s worthy of a spot on anyone’s Dock.”, 1/19/12

Here’s What Chronicle Can Do For You:

1. Never worry about missing a payment.

You don’t need to wonder if you’ve paid the bills this month or not–Chronicle remembers for you. Late payment fees can cost $30 or more. Why risk it? Chronicle never forgets! It keeps track of all your bills, and reminds you when each one is due using iCal–even when neither program is running.

2. Track and reduce debt.

Paying off debt can be a daunting task. Let Chronicle help. It displays your balance and tracks your progress as you pay your bills. Seeing your progress is a great motivator!

3. Keep payments and receipts organized.

Chronicle remembers your payment history for each bill, and even organizes scanned or downloaded receipts by date, so you can quickly find and view them for reference or proof of payment.

4. See spending history and trends with stats.

Chronicle analyzes your payments by month and year and displays the information for you grapically. Plus, it averages your payments so you can better budget for bills that fluctuate, like utilities or credit cards.

5. Quickly view all your bills and pay online.

The sortable overview screen shows, at a glance, when each bill is due. Colorful icons alert you when a bill is overdue, due soon, or due in the future. With a couple clicks, you can log payments or make payments online.

View Bills and Make Payments From the Menu Bar

Chronicle includes a menu bar extension so you can see upcoming bills right from the menu bar, without even having to open the main Chronicle window.


Alerts on your iPhone

Reminders are automatically added to iCal, so they appear on your iPhone automatically when you sync. Bill reminders are pushed to your iPhone instantly.

Customize Chronicle’s Appearance

Make Chronicle look the way you want with three themes.

Enter payments lightning fast

Log payments in two clicks, without ever leaving the overview screen.

Colorful icons identify your bills

Add as many bills as you want. Each can be represented by one of over 20 colorful icons.

Pay your bills online

Chronicle can take you directly to your billers’ website to pay your bills.

Free Upgrades for Life

All updates to LittleFin software are FREE to registered user, including those who buy it through macZot.

System Requirements: Chronicle requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard or greater, and is Lion compatible.

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