Jun 14

Premium RapidWeaver Theme ZOT Bundle

80% OFF 4 “Brandon Lee Theme Design” Premium Designer Themes and 1 Secret Gift.

Apple Motion ZOT and Unix Power Bundle continue – Scroll down to The ZOTshop!

Normally: $95.00

ZOT Price: $19.00

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4 Premium RapidWeaver Themes and 1 Exclusive Secret Gift brought to you by Brandon Lee Theme Design

Upgrade your theme drawer with Brandon Lee Theme Design and make creating your website that much easier and unique with macZOT’s premium RapidWeaver Theme Bundle. The bundle includes Revolve 2.0, Transform, Cadence, and Elevation along with one secret-bonus gift.

From those with no programming experience to advanced web developers, allow the following themes to empower your creativity by utilizing several built-in style options and features. View the following template’s preview sites for more information by clicking on the “Preview” button associated with the 4 themes listed above at: Theme Products Page: Preview Sites

Brandon Lee Theme Design

Brandon Lee Theme Design develops next level themes for the RapidWeaver community. Having a passion for both user functionality and great design, we seek to empower and meet the needs of web developers and web enthusiasts alike around the globe. With modern design techniques and strategies, it is BLT Design’s mission to produce premium designer themes to assist and inspire you in your web endeavors. Put simply, when it comes to the web, we want you to look real good.

*System Requirements: RapidWeaver

7 Responses to “Premium RapidWeaver Theme ZOT Bundle”

  1. pixelmonger Says:

    Are the themes offered the ones shown in the macZOT thumbnail preview or is there a list of the included themes somewhere?

  2. pixelmonger Says:

    Nevermind, I must be partially blind today. I found the list.

  3. tomhollett Says:

    I really enjoy the Rapidweaver related deals, especially when they pack in the value like this. Would love to see some plugin deals, as well as, more themes! Thanks.

  4. eazy Says:

    my first order. How do i get the files to download?

  5. mikeZot Says:

    eazy – You should have received an email titled “macZOT Registration Info” from
    You can find the info in your ZOT account as well.

    tomhollett – You’re welcome. Stay tuned for more RapidWeaver related deals…

  6. thestringer Says:

    Still waiting for my e-mail code/download

  7. thestringer Says:

    Scratch that ! just got em – FANTASTIC cheers fella’s