Jul 15

PocketCAS 3 pro Mathematics Suite 50% Off!

The most advanced mathematics application on the App Store for only $9.99!

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From elementary school maths all the way up to calculus, algebra and statistics, PocketCAS can do it all. It’s an indispensable tool for every student, teacher and engineer.

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  • 2D Plots: Quickly create 2D cartesian, polar or parametric plots.
  • 3D Plots: PocketCAS draws stunning 3D plots!
  • Calculus: Calculate limits, derivatives, integrals and taylor expansions.
  • Linear Algebra: Invert and multiply matrices or calculate determinants, eigenvalues and much more!
  • Algebra: Perform integer and polynomial factorization and division, use permutations, and more.
  • Solving: PocketCAS will solve almost any equation for you. It even supports systems of linear equations and ordinary differential equations!
  • Scripting: PocketCAS’ C-style scripting language allows you to define custom functions, use conditional expressions, loops and also supports recursion.
  • Physical Units: Constants and units are provided out of the box. Simply enter physical formulas with the corresponding units and convert results to the units you prefer.


  • Export: Print or export plots, entries or the whole document as PDF!
  • Mathematical keyboard: PocketCAS’ mathematical keyboard is unmatched on the App Store.
  • Help: All functions are explained in the built-in reference. If you’re stuck, there’s plenty of tutorials as well as a manual ( to get you going. And you can always contact our support ( for help!
  • Offline computation: PocketCAS doesn’t need an internet connection to calculate results.

    - Completely redesigned interface
    - Export functionality for single lines, entries and whole documents
    - 3D plots
    - Plot settings dialog
    - Display of intersection points for cartesian plots
    - Improved mathematical keyboard
    - Improved text editor
    - Scripting mode
    - And much more!

    LIMITATIONS OF THE LITE VERSION – Available for free use the TRY button above.
    There is a free version of PocketCAS (called PocketCAS lite) that will allow you to try out the interface and many features before buying PocketCAS pro.
    It has the following limitations:
    - Many advanced mathematical functions (e.g. integration, taylor expansion, eigenvalues, etc.) are unavailable.
    - It will plot only one function at a time.
    - Exported graphics will be watermarked.
    A list of the differences is also available from within PocketCAS lite.

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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