Feb 01

Intensify – 2013 Best of Mac App Store – 50% OFF

Easily create stunning images with unprecedented drama, clarity and details. Get Intensify for $24.99 instead of $49.99 this weekend only.

Normally: $49.99

ZOT Price: $24.99

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Intensify is a new app by Macphun Software – best-selling photo software developer on Mac App Store. Beautifully designed and extremely powerful, Intensify™ helps you create stunning images with unprecedented drama, clarity and details. Select from scores of professionally created presets or use powerful controls, layers and selective masking to achieve terrific results even from the most ordinary shots.


For a very limited time Intensify is available for $24.99 – the price will go up to $49.99 in just few days.  



Here's what professional photographers say about Intensify™:


"Intensify gives me the precise control I need to deliver world-class imagery to my clients." – Urs Buhlman (4 times winner of Australian Commercial Photographer of the Year Award)

"As a photographer, I am super detail oriented. And Intensify really brings out that in my photos." – Lucas Gilman (Nikon Ambassador, pro adventure photographer and filmmaker) 

Key Features of Intensify:

• Flawless Detail Enchacement: no haloes on edges, no extra noise in most cases

• Unique Pro Contrast adjustments make your photos pop

• Powerful Structure adjustments for impressive dramatic results

• Smart Sharpness: get clear and sharp images without noise

• Powerful layers & masking

• 16-bit image processing with RAW files support

• Presets developed by Pro photographers


Watch Intensify in action. 


Discovering the hidden beauty with Lucas Gilman from MacPhun on Vimeo.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor.

8 Responses to “Intensify – 2013 Best of Mac App Store – 50% OFF”

  1. pyarnall Says:

    I consider the MacZot offer on Intensify to be quite misleading as it suggests by the “price cut” that one is getting the Pro version. The Pro version is only sold by the company directly from their site at $60 and the standard version is sold on the App store at $25, as it always has been. This practise will make me leery of all your “specials”.

  2. MacPhun Says:

    Dear Pyarnail, this is not quite so. The App Store version price is discounted and will go up next week. At the same time Pro version is different and the price for the Pro version will be going up in February as well. Macphun is keeping prices at this point for the Zot promo period and that’s it.

  3. Migru Says:

    Excellent weekend offer and a great software. My only wish is that it was also available outside the Appstore, because you can then use it on more macs:)

  4. csclarke Says:

    I have this program and think it is exquisite. It’s presets are extensive and flexible and do a remarkable job of improving photos (and other graphics). But the customization possible is almost mind-blowing for such an inexpensive application. I’ve used Photoshop for a long time and still find it difficult to quickly achieve some of the things this program can do in a matter of seconds. (I’ve got the Pro version that lets you use it as a Photoshop plugin.)

  5. cthulhu5 Says:

    Sadly, I already own this, but I am so glad to see it on MacZOT. I was skeptical about this app, and was a little put off by some of the over the top examples. I was also thinking it would be simple to do the same in Aperture, and that I would harpy ever use it. Not so. I say to anyone thinking about this app, don’t hesitate, and grab a copy. It’s easy to use, and stunningly effective. It will become an essential part of your toolbox. What’s more is that the company and their support is terrific.

  6. TonyK Says:

    MacPhun, it is indicated a price hike for the Pro version will be coming. Why? If I purchased Pro today from the website, would I get the next version (if the price hike is because of a new version)?


  7. hab777 Says:

    I also found the pricing misleading. On Dec. 29, MacPhun sent a promo offering Intensify for $19.99, with a regular price of $29.99.

    One month later, you send a Zot offering it at $24.99 with a regular price of $49.99. Quite the increase in one month. Or not?

    On MacPhun’s site, they’re selling Intensify for a regular price of $24.99. If they’re merely promoting through you before their price increase, don’t you think your Zot should more appropriately say “Beat the price increase”?

    And if Intensify’s going to $49.99, what will Intensify Pro go to?

  8. hab777 Says:

    It does make me feel a need to better investigate any future Zots I receive.