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Output Factory

Automate printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign

InDesign cs3-cs5

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Output Factory: export to PDF (screenshot)
BatchOutput works with InDesign CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5


System Requirements

Adobe InDesign CS3-CC

Mac OS X 10.5-10.9

Automate InDesign's printing and exporting
Output Factory is the ultimate solution to automate InDesign's output tasks – whether you need to send hundreds of documents or just a single one. With just a click of a button you can activate batch printing, layer versioning, automatic preflighting, variable names and much more! Just add InDesign files, select output options and Output Factory will do the rest for you.
"Output Factory is a tool in our arsenal we couldn't do without. Great product!"
Tony Rose  |  Vice President of Creative Services  Flynn Wright  |  Des Moines, IA, USA

"Output Factory saved me hundreds of hours."
Eric Figueroa  |  Art Director  Universal American   |  White Plains, NY, USA


Batch processing with powerful options

Output multiple InDesign documents
• Export as single pages
• Update links automatically
• Output files invisibly


Output Factory: TIFF export from InDesign (screenshot)
All the formats you need
Output Factory supports printing and exporting to PDF, PostScript, EPS, Flash, IDML, HTML, EPUB, INDD and several image formats.
[Output Factory Light supports Print, PDF and PostScript only]
InDesign formats
Save groups of Output Factory settings as workflows. For example, create workflows for hi-res and lo-res PDF output, laser printing, CMYK TIFF with FTP delivery etc. Export and import workflows to share them across workgroups.
Output to several formats at once
Create sequences of workflows to output InDesign files to multiple formats at once. For example, create an action to export files as hi-res PDF, lo-res PDF, PNG, and send them to a laser printer – all with just a click of a button. Output Factory for InDesign: workflow sequences (screenshot)
Variable file names
Output Factory offers unmatched abilities to create variable output file names. Compose file names interactively using powerful tokens with unlimited name parts. You can even insert dynamic content from your documents using the script label variable. Output Factory for InDesign: variable file names (screenshot)
Layer versioning
Output InDesign layers and their combinations as separate files automatically – an indispensable feature for multilingual documents publishing and other projects with layered contents. Output Factory for InDesign: layer versioning (screenshot)
Preflight InDesign files
With Output Factory, output errors are a thing of the past. Thoroughly check files using InDesign's built-in preflight or Output Factory's own options, and define conditions for skipping files. Errors will be stored in the History with their detailed description. Output Factory for InDesign: preflight options (screenshot)
PDF preflight
Output Factory can also automatically check final PDFs using Acrobat Pro's preflight droplets, increasing your confidence in the final output even further.
You can rely on Output Factory to track InDesign files you sent to output, any errors and warnings that occurred, as well as the output files created. Output Factory for InDesign: history (screenshot)


System Requirements:

Adobe InDesign CS3-CC
Mac OS X 10.5-10.9

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