Feb 06

Stellar Speedup Mac

Speedup & Optimize your sluggish Mac.

Normally: $29.00

ZOT Price: $14.50

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Duplicate Files

Scour the hard drive to identify duplicates and removes them permanently from your Mac using Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Large Files

Find an easy way to weed out large files and recover hundreds of gigabytes on your hard drive using Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Mac Applications

Wipe applications including all associated files and metadata by dragging them into Trash from your Mac

Slow Mac

Accelerate Mac performance by removing unwanted files, System junks, application leftovers, etc. from your system






Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a reliable and easy to use Mac Software. The simple and user-friendly interface enables the users to remove unwanted files by a simple drag and drop. It scans the volumes of the Mac, removes the temporary system/Internet files, and creates free space in volumes. The software has a task scheduler that manages these cleanup tasks. The refreshed cache memory and optimized RAM make the Mac run even faster.



• Optimizes the performance of a Mac PC by removing the Junk/unwanted files.
• Scans Mac volume,removes temporary system / Internet files, & creates free space in volumes
• Schedulers to perform automated cleanup tasks at scheduled intervals.
• Removes Logs, Trash, Leftovers, junk files, and manages extensions from your Mac
• Allows preview of Photos, Music and Video files before cleaning Mac system




"This tool justifies its name perfectly. It really boosted my Mac performance and cleaned about 3GB of space in drive. Thanks to Stellar for Speed Up Mac software and I would like to recommend it for users having problem of slow Mac."

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System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.3.9 or later RAM:1 GB Disk Space: 25 MB Free Space

3 Responses to “Stellar Speedup Mac”

  1. Gary65d65d Says:

    Hey, ya gotta respect any high end software maintenance tool that refers to OS software as “System junks”.

  2. MacMentor Says:

    I realize my Mac was made in China, but why would they leave their sailing vessels in our systems?

  3. waynec Says:

    I checked regarding this app. Suggest you do likewise. Thumbs DOWN!