Feb 08

Massivelementals sets 1-10

Add A Hand-Made Touch To All Your Projects!

Normally: $39.50

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Massivelementals will:

  • Give your Website a fresh NEW look.
  • Keep Viewers Engaged with fun, hand drawn images.
  • Spruce up Handouts for your students.
  • Make Emails more interesting.
  • Make your Blog more fun!
  • Keep people watching your Presentations at work


Massivelementals are hundreds of hand-drawn images including social media icons, fonts, and just about anything imaginable.

2 Responses to “Massivelementals sets 1-10”

  1. jlc1978 Says:

    I bought this set earlier and am very happy with it. The illustrations are unique, interesting and useful. I highly recommend its purchase.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the good words jlc1978!

    Mike Biskup