Feb 13

AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter (Mac &Windows)

Easily batch convert and resize thousands of images in a snap. with more than 50+ formats supported (including JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, ICO, Photo RAW formats, and much more) .

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $11.97

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AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter is the easy to use Batch Image Converter and Photo Resizer utility for Windows and Mac users, allowing you to convert hundreds of images at a time with just a few mouse clicks. AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter is also a perfect utility for resizing images and photos. It provides a simple user interface that allows you to convert and resize graphics in batch. Process multiple graphics fast and easily, You can convert batches of different formats graphics to one type of image in one time. The program supports more than 50 popular graphic formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCX, RAS, ICO, CUR, Digital Photo RAW formats, etc. this software saves you time as it allows you to perform tasks which usually takes hours or days in a couple of minutes.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later; Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2000, 2003, and Windows XP; Fully compatible with Mavericks and Windows 8

4 Responses to “AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter (Mac &Windows)”

  1. rap2000us Says:

    I just bought the app a few minutes ago and every file that I tried to convert did not work but I could convert the normal ones in Preview. I just wasted my money on this one.

  2. MacProCT Says:

    AppleMacSoft!?! Wow, talk about a trademark violation. Once you guys get on Cupertino’s radar, you can count on a letter from their legal team.

  3. big77 Says:

    There have been a flurry of products lately attempting to steal the names and reputations of stellar products. Graphic Converter by Lemke is a stellar product. I doubt today’s knockoff comes anywhere even close. BE sure you know what you are buying.

  4. timi Says:

    I can’t believe Mike let this kind of crap on ZOT.
    The interface is nothing like a Mac user would ever experience. If you need to batch convert images, there’s a few better options. If you need to do it for free, open up Automator. There’s a teeny learning curve, but it’s fantastic and comes with your system.