Jul 15

Powerful PDF Tool – A-PDF Merger for Mac

A user-friendly PDF tool to merge multiple PDF and images into one large PDF file in minutes.

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A-PDF Merger for Mac is an easy-to-use PDF merging tool for Mac OS. This affordable program provides an easy and fast solution for file archiving. With this utility, you can merge multiple images or Acrobat PDF documents into a compact PDF file. The optional file import methods and flexible merge methods of this software will save you trouble and improve your work efficiency.
Multiple-to-One for Archiving & email
A-PDF Merger for Mac is a great helper for document archiving. By combining multiple PDF files into a single one, you will have fewer files to store, which will reduce the possibility of files missing. Besides, this file merging tool will allow you to send fewer email attachments because the merged PDF already contains all the information.
Images to PDF File
In addition to allowing you to merge PDF files to one succinct PDF, A-PDF Merger for Mac also enables you to convert images of different formats into a single PDF document. The supported image formats include: TIFF (.tif), Multi-page TIFF, Windows bitmap (.bmp), GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg), Portable Network Graphics(.png), JPEG2000(.JP2, .J2K), Photo Shop Document(.psd), PCX, DCX, DIB, RLE, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, ICO, PCD, WMF, EMF, CUR.
Easy Merging in 3 Steps
Once you launch this PDF merger on your Mac computer, you can complete the merger in 3 steps:
Click the "Add" button to import PDF files or images;
Organize file order and select merge method;
Click the "Merge" button to start the merger.
Flexible Merge Methods
For different uses or purposes, A-PDF Merger for Mac provides you with 5 merge methods including: Whole, Part, Mix alternate pages, Mix alternate pages, Reversed and Repeat. 
Multi-Language Support
A-PDF Merger for Mac supports multiple languages. You can choose and customize the interface language of this program so you can proceed the merging with native or familiar language. You can download the language files here and follow the tips to apply or customize the UI language.

System Requirements:

Mac OS

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  1. rockroll Says:

    Looks like a PC application. Ugly, IMHO.

  2. JupmBgn Says:

    Click on “Help” in the application. The drop down menu states there is none available. So, how do you use it?

    Then you look at the information about the application and get:

    Some people

    Human Interface Design:
    Some other people

    Hopefully not nobody


    With special thanks to:

    Umm … How did this get onto MacZot?