Jul 23


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Recover countless gigabytes of lost storage!

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Unparalleled Power
Dazzle is the product of thousands of hours of intense research and development. It meticulously scans all of the nooks and crannies of a computer for unnecessary junk that can take up huge amounts of disk space!
Because of this, Apps in Dazzle are also uninstalled correctly, catching the numerous logs, caches, plugins, and other resources left behind versus simply dragging them to the Trash.
Your privacy is protected and computer performance enhanced by Dazzle as it wipes your web and app histories, and can toggle resource-hungry extensions!
Safe & Secure
Enhanced with the security of some of the most complex algorithms in the industry, Dazzle ensures the data you want to keep is protected from erasure, while everything else is wiped! Detailed scan results also allow you to completely review what is to be removed prior to erasure.
Choose from a variety of erasure types from quick and simple to military grade. Ensure files are never undeleted even with the most powerful recovery tools!
Lights off upstairs?
  • Dazzle can be configured to run daily, weekly, or monthly on a recurring schedule to ensure scans are performed regularly! No schedule set? It'll still remind you once in a while!
  • Dazzle will prompt you to complete uninstall an app if you're incorrectly dragging it to the Trash.
  • Specify files and folders that should never get touched during a cleanup, or files that should always be erased.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7

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  1. kuupoika Says:

    with my tiny drive I really could do with this great looking app!