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CosCulture Responsive Bundle


Make your web pages stand out by using the following responsive stacks for your RapidWeaver web site:



Responsive web pages can cater to both computers and mobile devices by resizing to fit different screen sizes.

Responsive Table

Create Tables That Look Good on Multiple Devices

Sometimes, content is best presented using a table. But what looks neat and ordered on a computer becomes hard to view on tablets and smart phones. 

The Responsive Table stack lets you easily create tables that fit into the views of computers or smaller devices. 


Even if table cells have lengthy content, there's no problem. The table cells becomes scrollable on the smaller devices.

You can optionally uses alternative color for odd & even rows for easier viewing.


To try the demo, please visit http://www.cosculture.com/plugins-stacks/product/responsive-table/. There is a table on the this web page. Try resizing your web browser to simulate devices of different screen sizes, and see how the table resizes as well.

Responsive Lightbox Stack

A Lightbox That Resizes To Fit Computers and Smart Devices

This means that it will look good on a laptop or a smart phone.

In the past, lightboxes ran into problems when folks viewed them using devices they were not designed to handle, for example, on the small screen of a phone. This is no longer a problem.



What you can place inside Responsive Lightbox

1. Images - you can display individual images or create a gallery

2. Web pages (by giving their URLs to Responsive Lightbox) 
3. Snippets of text 
4. YouTube video 
5. Vimeo video
6. Google map 


For a demo, please see http://www.cosculture.com/plugins-stacks/product/responsive-lightbox/


Responsive Layout Grid

A Layout That Changes According To Screen Size

Not all pieces of content on a web page are of the same length, and this results in gaps here and there on the page.

One problem with laying your content out in columns is that very often, your contents have different lengths, creating unsightly spaces.

Responsive Layout Grid is designed to solve this problem.



Each colored box below (including the white box) represents a piece of content.



System Requirements:
  • Rapidweaver 4 or 5.
  • The Stacks plugin (version 2)

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