Aug 03

Mac Bundle Box
10 Amazing Applications for just $35!

Normally: $361.84

ZOT Price: $35.00

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MacZOT! has teamed up with MacBundleBox to bring you this fantastic offer…
Ten fantastic Mac applications for the low price of $35, thats 90% off the retail price of $361.84! An amazing savings!

The included titles…

RRP: $25.00
Stay connected to your home/ office network wherever you are. (2 Licenses Included)

RRP: $19.95
Unlock over 1,000 hidden features and preferences of your Mac.

RRP: $70.00
Super simple website design application.

RRP: $39.00
Brainstorm. Organize. Schedule. Plan. Coordinate. Collaborate.

RRP: $30.00
From Recipecasts to 4×6 photo printouts, YummySoup! is recipe management at its best.

RRP: $40.00
MemoryMiner is the award-winning Digital Storytelling application.

RRP: $59.95
A simple and easy to use server and website monitoring tool for your Mac.

CrossOver Mac Games
RRP: $39.95
CrossOver Games allows you to run many popular Windows games on your Intel OS X Mac.

Speed Download
RRP: $25.00
The ultimate download manager and FTP client.

RRP: $12.99
Timer application that helps you manage your time and get things done.

Need help with your bundle? Contact MacBundleBox/ VoteBundle Directly. | View the bundle!

16 Responses to “Mac Bundle Box”

  1. Andrew Jung Says:

    On VoteBundle they say there are 20 apps and soon 30? Here only 10. Will we be getting the other apps as well if purchased here? Thx.

  2. Michael Wills Says:

    Actually 20 started in the voting and were narrowed down to 10. I haven’t seen the notice about starting with 30.

  3. Andrew Jung Says:

    Oh, I get it. There were 20 potential apps for the bundle and of those 20, there are 10 chosen. Okay, I didn’t get it, I added 20+10 to get 30. Thanks Michael for the clarification.


  4. Steven Hotelling Says:

    @Andrew Jung: “On VoteBundle they say there are 20 apps and soon 30? …”
    . . .
    You misunderstood. VoteBundle began with 20 apps to-be-voted-on and the 10 that got the most votes are what Remain. So there’s only 10.

    Cheers, ?

    Steven Hotelling

  5. Vince Says:

    So, I just bought the bundle here for $35 vs the $39 at the site, but when I login to their site using the credentials they e.mailed me, I don’t have any receipt or serials. Anyone else have this problem?

  6. EZ411 Says:

    @Vince: “… when I login to their site using the credentials they e.mailed me, I don’t have any receipt or serials. …”
    . . .
    It typically takes time to process our info into developer’s systems. Give at least 12-24 hrs.

    It’s quite a good deal-i-o, no?

    Steven Hotelling ?

  7. goochisan Says:

    I purchased this bundle, even though I already have MacPilot, Process, and Speed Download… Still a GREAT deal on some excellent software! However, if anyone doesn’t want to do the same thing I did by buying the whole bundle and instead wants to trade/transfer with me for my duplicates, please email me at

  8. Vince Says:

    @EZ411 – ok. I’m used to Maczot and mupromo and both have such quick turn-around times. I own a few of the apps already, but hadn’t gotten around to upgrading Yummy Soup and Memory Miner [both are amazing apps], plus I wanted to give the commercial version of Wine [CrossOver] a try, so this was a good deal. But I’ve been anxious esp. to get the new features in Memory Miner.

    I’ll check back tomorrow and hopefully the serial numbers will be there. :)

  9. chris Says:

    yeah same here … bought 2 days ago … still waiting for 6 (SIX) Serials … no support mail address, got no email from after purchase … where to login btw?


  10. mikeZot Says:

    @ Chris, Vince – Bundle Support is here –

    Please contact macZOT directly if you don’t get the help you need.


    Mike Biskup

  11. Vince Says:

    @Mike – Yeah, before I saw EZ411′s reply, I submitted a support ticket via that site [for a few hours that site would not load, but once it loaded I submitted a ticket]. No reply yet, but it’s only been 23 hours.

    I did just receive 4 *different* serial numbers for Memory Miner v2 and 4 *different* serial numbers for Sharetool! [i know that the deal was for 2 licenses of Sharetool, but not 4, and certainly not 4 of Memory Miner v2!]. I haven’t received any other licenses/serial numbers yet, but I will wait until tomorrow morning till I ask again on their support site. Like Chris, I received no e.mail with a receipt, other than a login e.mail for macbundlebox. Chris – look in your spam/junk folder as it may have gone in there by mistake. It is a short e.mail with a made-up userid and passwd that allows you to [apparently] access your serial numbers and receipts.

  12. goochisan Says:

    I got 9/10 of the licenses this morning (still waiting on MacPilot).

    But I also only received a SINGLE license for ShareTool. I’ll try the support website to see where the other one is…

  13. Christian Owens Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Christian here, from Mac Bundle Box / VoteBundle.

    We’ve just finished sending the licenses for all of the purchasers of yesterdays ZOT promotion. (as for those being bought now, on the special offers, they’re being sent out when we see them coming in but there may be a 1-2 hour delay after purchase).

    So, all the purchases from yesterday have been queued up, and are being sent now, most have gone but some are still in the mail queue, we did however, have an issue with about 80 or so purchasers who’s email addresses came through to us with a simple formatting issue, we’ve fixed this, and those are also being sent however, you may, unfortunately, receive more than one license code for each application due to this error.

    Regardless, we’re committed to making sure each and every customer is 100% happy with their purchase, everyone who has submitted a support ticket to our SupportBreeze support system will get a response from either myself or one of our support staff.

    If you have any questions or queries, you can also email me personally at my MacBundleBox company email or at my own personal email address

    We think most of you should have got all of your licenses (bear in mind, some are sent directly by the developers, manually, each day) but if not make sure you check your spam/ junk email folders as sometimes they get caught up there.

    ~ Christian

  14. Christian Owens Says:

    @chris If you got no emails at all from us, there may have been a problem with your purchase, drop me a line with your full name and email you use for purchase at:

  15. chris Says:

    thanks for response … yeah today no luck, no new numbers came in. I rechecked the waste box – nothing in it from votebox with login/pw information. Anyhow i send my request with the form ( mikeZot show up, now waiting … U dont need to try to get a single serial from one app site – they simply dont awnser …

    Whoot 4 Serials for 2 Apps thas wired … looks like thy have much trouble with it :(

    looking forward, some one fix it …

    thanks again!

  16. Vince Says:

    The support system is now a bunch of Rail gibberish. :( “Ruby (Rack) application could not be started.” Not sure if they lost my support ticket or not.

    @goochisan – when did you order the bundle? Did you do so via the Maczot link? I’m thinking I will avoid macbundlebox in the future, as they are not setup to handle even 1,100 orders that they got! The “ is basically empty – a dashboard with nothing on it, and all the rest of the tabs say, “coming soon”. Meh. :(