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SuperTab for Mac

SuperCharge your Command-Tab App Switcher

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SuperTab greatly enhances and extends your Mac's Command-Tab App Switcher, giving you instant access to so much more than just Active Applications.  With SuperTab installed, you can now access all of the following right within the App Switcher:


• Active Applications - your active applications

• Dock Items - all the items from your Dock

• Recent Applications - the applications you've recently opened

• Recent Documents - the documents you've recently opened

• Folder Contents - the contents of any folder you choose

• Dropbox Contents - access to your Dropbox and all its contents

• Calendar Items - instantly see your Calendar Items and their details

• Clipboard History - the recent contents of your Mac's Clipboard

• Application Windows - the open windows of all your running Applications

• Snagit Captures - instantly preview, copy, share and open your Snagit Captures

• Tagged Items - the files, folders & applications with the Tags or Labels you specify

• Sidebar Items - items that appear in the "Sidebar" of Finder Windows

• Custom Items - Custom Items Tab Rows let you choose their contents. Add any:

   - Files, Folder & Applications

   - System Preferences, such as System Notifications, iCloud, Time Machine, etc

   - Multiple Clipboards to keep snippets of Text or Images available for instant re-use

   - Websites, a.k.a Bookmarks to your favorite Web Sites

   - Custom-Configured Screenshots and invoke them with a single click of the mouse

   - Display Configurations to switch to your favorite Display Configurations with a single click

   - Meta-Folders to quickly access any group of files, folders or apps that you choose

   - Saved Spotlight Searches to access the results of a Spotlight Search.

   - Auto-Types and have SuperTab automatically type commonly used phrases for you


Intro Video 

Is it hard to imagine all this in the App Switcher?   Take a look at this Intro video to see how easy and powerful SuperTab is:  


User Feedback 

See what users have to say about SuperTab as well:


   "You’ve hit this out of the park. This is now an indispensable tool for me, right up there with Bartender and BetterSnapTool." -- Leigh Gustafson


   "After a month of using it I don't know how I functioned without it! I love this app and use it all the time now!" -- Emily Kelly


   "Your software solution is great!! What a good productivity tool that you have created." -- Bjarne Mindested


Try SuperTab 

We invite you try out SuperTab for free, with a 30-day free trial. 


Visit the SuperTab Website to learn more.


To download SuperTab, go to the SuperTab Download page.



Contact Us 

If you have any questions, please contact us at SuperTab Support.


System Requirements:

SuperTab runs on macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and later.

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