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Find and Remove Duplicates & Large Files on Mac

Intelligent Duplicates & Large Files Finder

DuplicateViewer is not only a duplicates finder, but also a large files finder that can find and remove duplicate files and large files on your Mac.




Best Mac Duplicate Finder

Drag or Add folder/hard drive to scan. DuplicateViewer will quickly find and automatically list all identical files in the folder or hard drive. You can easily remove the duplicates to free up precious disk space.

  • Supports to scan both folder and entire hard drive.
  • At least one instance of every file will be kept safe.
  • Preview the duplicates before you remove them

Best Mac Duplicate Finder


Find and Remove Useless Large Files

Large files take up a great deal of disk storage space on your Mac. DuplicateViewer Large File Finder will scan your folder or hard drive to find and list all the files depending on the file size. You can easily remove the useless large files on your Mac to save disk space.
Find and Remove Useless Large Files

Quickly Visit Mac Hard Drive or Folders with Menu Bar

After you install DuplicateViewer, it will produce a Menu bar on your Mac. The Menu bar will list all the hard drives and storage devices on your Mac. You can see the disk information including the disk size and free space size. You quickly access to the hard drive or file folder with Menu bard by double clicking the drive or device.

DuplicateViewer Menu Bar


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